Telling your story is what sets us apartTelling Your Story
We know great stories happen every day – and for every story there is an audience.

We bring strategy, creativity, experience, and an over abundance of energy and resourcefulness to all our clients and projects.  We’re successful when our client’s objectives are met and we deliver measurable results.

We carry an outstanding roster of innovative and forward thinking clients in the corporate, lifestyle and event sectors.

The Integral Difference
Integral Communications, Inc. was founded in 2003. Our purpose is to provide seasoned public relations and strategic communications talent to companies that have great stories to tell, or are in need of direction in strategically reaching key stakeholders. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the company has global reach.

Collaborative & Cost Effective
We work in conjunction with agencies, design firms and ad/marketing firms. If it’s running the project, or acting as an extra set of hands – Integral will work to deliver results on time and on budget. Integral operates as a collective – where talent for specific client mandates and projects is sourced, with Integral founder, Annette Borger, at the helm -  to offer seamless day to day operations. Ultimately clients achieve maximum benefit from well executed mandates to cost savings.